Factors That Affect Smoke Odor Removal

A fire is one of the most stressful and devastating disasters a property owner can go through. It can cause extensive damage in every nook and cranny of your house or building which calls for the assistance of experienced specialists to restore. In addition to disposing of or repairing items that are burnt, covered by soot or damaged by water due to firefighting efforts, there is also the concern of how to get smoke odors out of your home. The smell of soot or smoke can linger for quite some time after a fire has been doused — whether from a small cooking fire, a full-blown house fire or the effects of a wildfire — causing unwanted discomfort and health hazards for the residents. […]

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Home Appliance Fire Prevention Tips

Appliances make our daily tasks easier by speeding up or automating processes that used to require manual labor. It pays to take care of them as a responsible homeowner. It’s up to you to make sure that your appliances are in good working order and that they won’t pose a danger to your home. In this post, your local remodeling contractor, Kingdom Restoration, shares home appliance fire prevention tips. […]

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