Appliances make our daily tasks easier by speeding up or automating processes that used to require manual labor. It pays to take care of them as a responsible homeowner. It’s up to you to make sure that your appliances are in good working order and that they won’t pose a danger to your home. In this post, your local remodeling contractor, Kingdom Restoration, shares home appliance fire prevention tips.

Fire Prevention Tips

General Safety Tips

1. Make sure electric and gas-operated appliances are away from water.

2. Use the proper outlet for your appliances. Make sure that you’re plugging in a 110-volt appliance into a 110-volt outlet so as not to damage your appliances or your home.

3. Keep flammable items such as drapes, clothes and furniture away from heaters, furnaces or appliances that emit heat.

4. Avoid running cords below your carpets or rugs as you can trip over them and expose the wiring. This could lead to fire damage that warrants a call to your residential remodeling and fire restoration company.

Check your wires regularly for any signs of damage like fraying or damaged cables. If you find some, have them replaced immediately.

Additional Tips For Gas Ranges

1. Remove grease and crumbs from your burner, stove or oven. Make sure to keep combustible materials and substances away from them as well.

2. Don’t leave your cooking range alone and turn it off if you have to leave your kitchen.

3. Smell your gas range before turning it on. If it smells of gas or anything strange, it’s possible that a leak has occurred.

4. Use non-slip gloves whenever you’re cooking and be sure to tie up your hair for extra safety.

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