Florida Deck Construction

Decks add value to your home, as well as being a great place to spend time outdoors entertaining or relaxing. Let us help you with designing a custom deck that you will want to spend time on. We will help with ideas that will make your deck more functional and comfortable while fitting in with your house design and landscaping. Our decks are built with the best materials and techniques, and we offer many affordable options.

Decks are a great investment for homeowners in the South Florida area who want to elevate their outdoor living space. At Kingdom Restoration, we offer decks that are carefully crafted to provide decades of strength and beauty. Whether you want to entertain friends and family, relax with a good book, or simply enjoy some fresh air with your morning cup of coffee, you will be able to enjoy doing so on one of our top-of-the-line decks for many years to come.

We provide both commercial and residential deck building services across the South Florida area. Regardless of the size or requirements of the project we have the experience to complete your project and build a structure that will stand the test of time. Know that we are here to work for you and we understand the level of trust involved when selecting a builder.


Pergolas offer some shade, but the comparisons between them and gazebos end there. Pergolas are created with pillars that support an open lattice. This is what creates shade for those who are walking underneath. They can be used to connect different parts of the yard or to provide a little shade on a deck or patio. We can create a pergola that fits your space perfectly and meets all of your needs, whether you’re looking to add to the view in the garden or just create a little shade on the deck.


Adding a pavilion to your home or commercial space can dramatically increase the appeal and value of your investment. Pavilions are the ultimate in versatility and utility.

We take pride in offering premier custom decks that compliment both residential and commercial structures. With our years of experience as a trained deck building company you can be certain your new outdoor space will be every bit as good as you imagined.