Moving is not your only option if you have a growing family or need more space in your home. A room addition is a great and cost-effective way to meet your needs. It is also ideal for homeowners who wish to improve the aesthetic appeal of their living space.

room addition

A local home innovations company shares expert tips to help with your room addition project.

Formulate a Plan

Consider Property Lines and Local Codes

Are you planning to add a bedroom for guests or because you are anticipating a new family member? No matter what type of room addition you are thinking of building, be sure that it fits within your property lines. It is also a good idea to determine local codes that apply to your project. Local codes also state how close you can build next to another person’s property.

Take Note of Any Structural Changes

Other factors to consider when planning your project are your existing utility lines and pipes. You need to determine how structural changes you are considering will affect the framing and foundation of your house. When designing spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms, factor in how they will add value to your home. Think about how these additions will affect the architectural style of your house. An architect or builder can draw up a plan for your project, describing the scope of the work and materials needed.

Make a List of Features You Want and Need

Experts in home innovations suggest creating a list that indicates the features you need and want to see in your project. In your list, also include other options you have in mind in case your budget or other external factor does not permit what you originally want. For instance, you may prefer marble counters, but it does not go well with other parts of your home, it helps to have a backup or more cost-effective option. Sometimes, for your addition to complement the rest of your home, you may also need to make changes to certain rooms.

Create a Realistic Budget for Your Project

Whether you are planning a bathroom remodeling project or add new rooms to your home, creating a realistic budget is key. You can get an idea about the cost of your room addition by obtaining at least three estimates from different contractors. Experts recommend adding at least 15% to the overall estimated cost for any unexpected expenses.

If the quotes you got go beyond your budget, it is best to look for other material choices that will still achieve the look and feel you are going for. It may also help to review other plans or consider other home improvements for the future when it already fits your budget. You can also ask your contractor for suggestions on more cost-effective options.

Choose a Reliable Contractors

Ask For Referrals

You can ask your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors for any home improvement contractors they can recommend. If they have previously worked with the company, see the result of their work if possible. Ask about their experience with the contractors or if they encountered any issues during their projects.

Obtain Multiple Quotes

Working with a skilled contractor is essential to the success of your home addition project. Getting at least three quotes from multiple companies can help you determine which ones are ideal to execute your project. Factor in not only the price stated on the estimates but also the quality of materials and products they are offering.

Be careful of bathroom remodeling or home addition estimates that appear too good to be true. A quote that is significantly lower compared to other contractors did not fully understand what you want to happen in your project. This can result in misunderstandings and major issues later in the construction phase. Always clarify things on the quotes that are unclear to you before hiring anyone to work in your home.

Do Your Research

Once you have a list of potential contractors, it is now time to do some research. Check the website of your prospective builders and read reviews. Look at their portfolios online if available and make sure they specialize in your particular room addition. You can also check the status of the contractor with the Better Business Bureau.

Only Work With Licensed and Insured Professionals

Even if you are only planning a window installation project or a major one like an addition, always check credentials and licenses before hiring a contractor. Ask your prospective contractor for proof of license and insurance before hiring them. A license is a proof that the company is permitted to work in your state. Meanwhile, insurance will protect you in case something wrong happens during your project. For example, if a worker gets injured or a part of your house accidentally gets damaged, your contractor’s insurance should cover their costs.

Ask the Right Questions

Asking questions will help you determine if a contractor qualifies for your project or not. It helps you learn more about the company and whether they are capable of doing the job right the first time. Determine how long they have been in business and what experience they have with your type of project. It would also be great to ask for reference or contact details for their past clients.

Obtain Necessary Permits

Before the actual work begins, you need to make sure that your home is properly zoned for your room addition. Some projects require obtaining permits while others don’t, depending on the scope. For instance, deck construction usually needs a permit if the addition is at least 30 inches from the ground. Knowing applicable codes to your project can help you ensure they will not get in the way of your progress. Getting permits in advance will save you effort, time and money.

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