How to Treat Mold Growth Within Your Walls

Mold can be one tough problem to get rid of. It also starts and spreads easily since it thrives in spaces without lighting and high humidity, and these are your inner walls. Water leaks, faulty pipes and condensation are their main catalysts. When mold is behind your walls, it can be difficult to spot, which is why you’ll need the help of a residential remodeling company to take care of it. In this post, Kingdom Restoration shares how you can get rid of mold growth in your walls. […]

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Smart Room Addition Tips from Remodeling Experts

Moving is not your only option if you have a growing family or need more space in your home. A room addition is a great and cost-effective way to meet your needs. It is also ideal for homeowners who wish to improve the aesthetic appeal of their living space. […]

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