An accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, is a small residence that shares a single-family lot with a larger main dwelling. It can either be detached from or attached to the main house and can also be constructed on the lot or converted from an existing structure like a garage.

Accessory dwelling unit

One of the many benefits of an ADU is that it houses people of all ages. In fact, it can be adapted for different individuals and households. Local residential remodeling contractor Kingdom Restoration discusses them below.

Empty Nesters

Parents whose children have grown and moved away from home can build an ADU and move into it. From there, they can choose to rent out the primary dwelling for a boost in supplemental income. They can also make it available for their “boomerang kids,” or children who have just finished college, actively starting their careers, but are moving back home due to higher costs of living.

Home-Based Workers

Whether you own a family business or work remotely, an ADU might be worth the investment. Talk to your local remodeling contractor to learn if the dwelling that will house your workshop or office can be built on your existing lot.

Individuals in Need of Care

Families with loved ones in need of care, including the elderly and those with physical disabilities, can reside in an ADU. Apart from the benefit of being near them all the time, this project can be an affordable and more comforting alternative to a nursing home or assisted-living facility. The ADU can be built with accessibility and mobility in mind.


Are you having guests over? An ADU allows you to have them stay for the night. It is also a housing option for friends or loved ones who are not yet financially independent or need temporary housing because of an emergency or an ongoing renovation.

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