The process of restoration following a house fire can be overwhelming–but you can narrow down your focus by deciding which items could still be salvaged and what things are destined for the bin. Let the trusted home innovations company in the area Kingdom Restoration, help you get started with this task.

After a House Fire

Keep or Throw Out?

Some items can still be cleaned and disinfected, allowing you to continue using them. But there are safety measures you should take into account. For example:

  • Food items should be instantly discarded even if they are just partially burned. In fact, food that is already exposed to extreme heat, smoke or soot should be thrown out. Frozen foods can still be consumed if they are hard and still covered with ice crystals. Was your fridge damaged in the fire? If not, its contents are probably still safe–unless soot has gotten inside or the items emit an odd smell. As for canned food, make sure to discard it if the can has bulged, is already dented or has rusted.

  • Clothes and textiles can be cleaned and disinfected if they remain intact. Throw out any burned items. Be extra careful if the clothing is for babies and children. When in doubt, turn to a reliable fire restoration company like Kingdom Restoration for assistance. We’re not just your window installation experts–you can also count on us to repair and clean current fire damage, and prevent further issues from developing.

  • Medicine and cosmetics get the same treatment. If they are warm and touched by soot, discard them immediately. Are the containers warped or melted? Into the trash bin they go, no questions asked.

Our Worry-Free Fire Damage Restoration Services 

Restoring your home after a fire is a daunting and complex task, but you can make it easier by working with a reliable expert like Kingdom Restoration. Our professional crew will help you clean and repair salvageable items, while bringing your home back to its pre-loss condition. Not only that–we’ll be more than happy to guide you through the fire insurance claims process so you can get the coverage you need.

Whether you need bathroom remodeling or fire restoration services, Kingdom Restoration has got you covered. Expect only a smooth and stress-free experience when you turn to us. We proudly serve Venice, FL, and all of South Florida. Call us today at (941) 483-3800 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.