What Should You Do After a Fire?

After the fire department has taken care of the situation, you need to call your insurance agent and file a claim. They will give you a host of helpful information, including what to do to properly secure your home. They may also provide you with assistance in moving into a hotel, should it prove necessary.

How Can You Secure Your Property?

At Kingdom Restoration, you’ll receive the necessary assistance when it comes to securing your property. This includes boarding up the area that has been damaged with plywood while also making sure all windows and doors are properly locked. This is mostly to prevent possible theft and animals from making their way into your home.

Can You Inspect Your Own Home?

Generally, no. After a fire, only a licensed inspector (structural engineer or hygienist) can come in. They will make sure it is structurally safe and there isn’t a risk of health problems prior to you coming in. This is just another reason why it is so important to bring in a professional to look at the home.

Is a Professional Clean-Up Service Necessary?

Even in the case of a small fire, it is difficult to remove all the soot and smoke from the home. If not correctly cleaned, the smell of fire will remain with the house (and this is a problem if you want to sell the property). It may also leave permanent damage in the home if not properly corrected.