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After a House Fire: What Things to Keep or Discard

The process of restoration following a house fire can be overwhelming–but you can narrow down your focus by deciding which items could still be salvaged and what things are destined for the bin. Let the trusted home innovations company in the area Kingdom Restoration, help you get started with this task. […]

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Choosing the Perfect Location For a New Deck

A deck installation remains a must-do project for many homeowners because of the many benefits it can provide. For one thing, this gives your home additional square footage for both entertaining and relaxation. But like most home renovation projects, a deck installation requires careful planning. Which area should you build the new deck, for example? Kingdom Restoration, the premier residential remodeling company in the area, shares the essentials. […]

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Shower Floor Materials: What Are Your Best Options?

As a leading home improvement and window installation company, Kingdom Restoration only wants the best for your dream bathroom remodel. As you plan it out carefully, you’ll likely need to decide which type of material should be used for your shower floor. There’s a lot of options to choose from, and they range from natural stone and tile flooring to concrete, glass and wood! It isn’t hard to find the right option for your shower floor, but it helps to keep a few things in mind. […]

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  • Mold Growth

Mold Growth and Their Common Causes

It doesn’t take much for mold to start growing in your home, and it can spread almost immediately once it does. You’ll know that you have mold problems if you start smelling an unpleasant odor, which can create significant health problems if it isn’t cleaned properly. As a leading window installation and home remediation company, we’re sharing some of the most common causes behind mold in your home to help you zero in on the culprit you should address first. […]

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  • Multi-Generational Home

Remodeling Ideas for Your Multi-Generational Home

When it comes to a multi-generational home, it helps to plan ahead carefully. Whether you’re planning to stay in your home for a long time or thinking about remodeling your home for your aging parents or grandparents, consider your finances and how you can modify it for more convenience and accessibility. It doesn’t have to happen all at once–it can start with a simple room renovation and you can work your way up from there. […]

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  • Homeowners Insurance

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover Fire Damage?

Homeowners insurance usually helps cover damages in your home due to certain perils. Understanding your policy is useful if ever you will need to file a claim. Before purchasing one, it’s always a good idea to read the fine print. Among the most common questions about homeowners insurance is whether it covers fire damage. […]

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  • Kitchen Remodel

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling certain parts of your home will improve not only its appeal but also its functionality. Big home improvements, such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling requires a lot of planning and decision making. If you’re considering major renovations like these, you should be prepared. […]

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Can You Prevent Water Damage From Occurring in Your Home?

Water damage can happen in different parts of your home and not just on your roof. If you live in a flood-prone area, always be prepared because this issue can happen anytime. This kind of damage easily spreads when not addressed properly, so you want to do everything to protect your property. […]

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  • Bathroom Remodel

6 Rules to Follow When Making a Bathroom Remodel Budget

When it comes to renovating your home, one of the areas that experts recommend that you focus on is the bathroom. After all, a bathroom remodeling project is said to yield the highest return on investment for your home, meaning that if you sell the property after having remodeled the bathroom, you can earn significant profits from the sale. […]

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  • Contractor

4 Things to Look For in a Window Replacement Contractor

According to home improvement professionals, a window installation is one of the most significant home improvement projects a homeowner could ever get into and as such, you’ll want everything to go as smoothly as possible. With that in mind, it’s not recommended that you attempt to DIY the installation of your new windows. Instead, you should hire a professional to get the job done in your stead. However, when you’re looking to hire a contractor for the job, you need to be careful and look for a few qualities in them before you sign the contract. […]

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