Modern bespoke ADUs are gaining popularity in the country as they can be made to suit the homeowner’s preferences and serve different purposes. However, you should also be aware that it’s a big investment in your home property, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Building an ADU also takes careful planning and consideration as well as a sizable budget to ensure it gets built without any problems.  

You’ll also need to work with a trusted home improvement and window installation company such as Kingdom Restoration who has adequate knowledge and experience in building the perfect ADU without putting a strain on your budget. If you’re considering an ADU installation for your home, it’s important to learn what to expect before the building process starts. While your hired contractor should take care of the architectural plans and building permits, you should still be present to check the designs to ensure they meet your specifications. 

What’s an ADU?

Short for Accessory Dwelling Unit, an ADU is a secondary housing unit that’s built within the property of the primary residential structure. This is slightly different from mobile homes and condominiums, as they can’t be purchased separately from the main residence. They can still be connected to the main home via converted garages or room additions, or detached from the main home.

Choosing When to Build Your ADU

Designing and building an ADU can be almost as complicated as that of a new home. Depending on the budget, you can choose to build an ADU almost simultaneously as you’re building a new home or choose to do it afterward once saved enough for another major remodeling project. Just make sure when discussing plans with the home and bathroom remodeling contractor that the unit meets your specifications while also staying compliant with the local building codes.

ADUs and Their Potential Uses

Many homeowners consider building ADUs as a good alternative to moving to a bigger place to accommodate their growing families. This can also be an attractive option for families who want to care for elderly family members instead of paying for nursing homes. It can even be used as a rental property for additional income! We give more detail into the potential uses of your ADU:

  • Low-Cost Housing – If your children are already young adults and are not yet able to afford their own home, an ADU can serve as a good safety net that helps with their cost of living. This is also a good option for young adults who are working but are unable to live independently due to chronic health or developmental issues.

  • Short/Long-Term Rental Income – Your ADU can become a potential rental property that provides additional income to your home. For instance, you can use it as a short-term rental property as a small vacation home for those who are visiting the city or area for a few days. Just make sure that you’re within your local short-term rental laws before you list your ADU on the market.

Your ADU can also be built as a legitimate long-term passive income depending on your area’s rental laws. ADUs can be attractive rental property to those who are interested in monthly or yearly leases. The income generated will depend mostly on your ADU’s size, location, available amenities, and other factors, so make sure to discuss your needs and specifics with a trusted contractor in remodeling and home innovations

  • Aging-in-Place Housing – ADUs can be designed and built to accommodate your older parents who want to live independently. They’re an affordable and more hands-on alternative compared to assisted living facilities such as nursing homes which can otherwise cost you around $7,000 to $8,000 per month. Your ADU can even include specific features that help provide more convenience and safety for the elderly!

  • Guest Accommodations – Your ADU can essentially be used as a separate suite for guests and extended family members whom you’re hosting for week-long events or vacations that include overnight stays. It can also be a much safer option instead of having them all cramped in your main home that may be smaller than anticipated.

  • Specialized Space – An ADU is a great option for more unique and special purposes such as a place to host a house party to divert human traffic from overflowing your main home. You can also work with trusted bathroom remodeling contractors and turn it into a pool house (if you have a pool) complete with changing areas, shower rooms and equipment storage.

  • Home Office/Workspace – Professional home remodeling contractors may also suggest an ADU that can be designed as an office space that’s separate from your main home. It can have all the basic amenities that you’d find in a typical ADU while also including the features you need for your work-from-home setup. Even if you’re not going to design it as a home office, it can still become a studio or a workshop if you’re a professional craftsman or an artist who needs ample space for their passion. 

ADU Types to Consider

As you plan out your custom ADU installation, you’ll need to choose which type of unit should be built on your property. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but as long as you work with professional home remodeling and window installation contractors, you’ll be presented with the best options that fit your needs and budget. Some of the most popular ADU types include:

  • Attached ADU – Think of this as a step up from the usual home addition as it’s still connected to your main home but is built as a separate unit. This means the ADU will be designed to have its access and basic amenities, although you may choose to have it shared with the main home’s electrical system and main sewage lines.

  • Garage ADU – This is essentially remodeling your garage into a unit with all the basic amenities you would find in a typical ADU. It should be more affordable compared to an attached ADU build since the frame already exists, but some upgrades (i.e. electrical, insulation) may still be necessary to meet basic ADU standards.

  • Detached ADU – With this type of ADU installation, you can design it from the ground up with only your property space being the limit. A detached ADU also attracts more people who want to rent your unit as it offers private access as well as the comforts of a newly-built home.

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