The kitchen gets lots of foot traffic as it’s a place of social gathering and food preparation in your home. But it also has to stay clean and sanitary, so make sure to keep this in mind especially when designing your new kitchen space. This also ensures you avoid accidents and health problems later on. 

Designing a kitchen that’s easy to clean won’t be difficult if you work with trusted residential remodeling specialists such as Kingdom Restoration. Read on as we share some useful tips to help you out!

Favor Function Over Form

While it’s easy to design a kitchen that can visually appeal to your family and guests, it shouldn’t mean sacrificing even just a bit of function. Above all else, you must determine your needs and preferences in how you use your kitchen. Some materials may look amazing and luxurious in many kitchen spaces, but they’re not always easy to clean and maintain depending on how they’re being used. For instance, wooden flooring can get scuffed under constant foot traffic. Make sure to work with your hired contractor in creating a design that meets both beauty and function for your new kitchen. 

Consider Easy-Clean Appliances

Maintaining your appliances can be tedious, but some are designed to ensure ease of use especially when they’re being cleaned. For instance, you can choose an induction cooktop since its flat surface makes it easy to use and clean. As a professional remodeling contractor, we also recommend this if you’re not fond of having to clean the grates and other parts found in traditional gas cooktops. Of course, you can still select a gas range if it’s more to your liking, but make sure to get one that’s fuss-free and easy to wipe down without needing any exotic lotions or solutions.

Choose the Right Countertop

While you may be attracted to the idea of having a marble countertop, you need to know that the material can stain easily if not properly maintained. This makes cleaning tedious and a bit expensive, so consider more affordable options that offer better durability as well as ease of maintenance. Some of the most popular materials that don’t need constant maintenance include steel, quartz and Corian.

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