When it comes to deck installation, one of the things you need to consider is to choose between a raised or a ground-level deck. The former is widely popular, but the latter has its own set of advantages, too. Kingdom Restoration, your trusted bathroom remodeling and deck construction company, discusses more. 

Raised Deck

The design of your home will dictate the height of your raised deck. If you live in a raised ranch-style house with the living area on the second floor, the deck will be attached to that part of your home. Sturdy posts attached to piers buried underneath the soil provide support for the flooring and joists. A stairway leading to the yard will then be attached to the deck. It also happens to be the same height as the stairs inside your home.

In traditional home architecture such as Colonial or Cape Cod, the decks are raised to meet the doors’ threshold at about two to three feet above the ground. A small flight of stairs is built outside to give users access to the deck straight from the backyard. This type of deck style is the more costly option, but for home innovations experts like us, it is the more aesthetically pleasing one because of the added railings and other components.

Ground-Level Deck

This type of deck is also known as an at-grade deck. It only means that it is built on the same level as the ground. It is a box frame composed of joists that provide support for the floorboards on top. It can be placed on any level surface anywhere in your yard and can be unattached from your home.

A ground-level deck is considered a platform if it is installed next to your house but not attached. Also, it doesn’t require railings if it is less than 18 inches in height. Otherwise, the railings should be at least 36 inches to meet local building codes. Be sure to consult your contractor first when planning this particular project.

At Kingdom Restoration, we offer decks that are carefully crafted to provide decades of strength and beauty. We can customize your raised or ground-level deck depending on your aesthetic and functional requirements. Count on us for your other remodeling needs, be it window installation or kitchen renovation. Call (941) 483-3800 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.