New window installation can make a huge difference to your home’s aesthetics, comfort, and energy efficiency. But the project is complex enough that homeowners shouldn’t attempt to DIY it, or work with a contractor who lacks the skills and experience. The better idea is to choose a professional that you know you can trust. And for South Florida homeowners, that will be the trusted home innovations company, Kingdom Restoration. We’ll make sure that your window installation is completed to your satisfaction, meaning you can count on us to never make these mistakes:

Window Installation Company Doesn’t Make
  1. Wrong size window opening. To ensure your new windows are properly installed, they should be fitted into the existing opening perfectly. Inexperienced contractors will either choose windows that are too large for the opening, or pick ones that aren’t large enough. The latter is especially bad because the contractor would sometimes use excessive caulking in the extra space between the opening and window frame, resulting in a sloppy-looking installed window.

This will never be an issue when you choose Kingdom Restoration for your window installation project. Our team will make sure to take accurate measurements of every window opening during our home survey. Using these precise calculations, we’ll custom design your new units so they’ll easily and seamlessly fit into the existing window opening.

  1. No back slope. The fact is that the sill on the rough opening of the window should be sloped slightly. This way, any moisture that has found its way into the building envelope can be directed back outside. Kingdom Restoration follows guidelines like these to the letter. We understand that moisture damage can be a huge problem in windows, so we take measures to ensure the issue never occurs in the first place.

  2. Overlooking manufacturer instructions. While most window manufacturers have more or less the same installation guidelines, some of them do have specific requirements based on extensive laboratory and field testing. As mentioned before, Kingdom Restoration takes installation guidelines seriously, and will always comply with them. By doing so, we can prevent costly mistakes and callbacks that will cause unnecessary delay to your project.

Your Trusted Window Professionals in South Florida

Aside from providing expert bathroom remodeling, Kingdom Restoration can also handle your window installation needs. Expect only the highest quality results when you turn to us for the job. We proudly serve Venice and all of South Florida. Call us today at (941) 483-3800 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.