The fact is that mold can grow inside your home, and you’ll need to deal with it promptly, or better yet, prevent it from forming altogether. One simple and effective way of achieving this is through home insulation. But how exactly does insulation make mold prevention possible? The trusted residential remodeling company in the area, Kingdom Restoration, shares what you need to know.

Preventing Mold

But First, A Brief Overview of How Mold Occurs

Mold is one of those common issues homeowners will need to face at some point. It needs only three basic requirements in order to grow–mold spores, a food source and enough moisture. Unfortunately, these are things that homes in hot and humid South Florida have in abundance. Mold should be mitigated quickly lest it creates unsightly stains on everything, and cause some amount of structural damage to your home. This is where proper home insulation comes in.

What Home Insulation Does to Prevent Mold

Having sufficient insulation installed can help keep your home mold-resistant. It does some by maintaining indoor temperature conditions that control the factors resulting in mold growth. Of course, insulation should be installed properly by a premier remodeling contractor like Kingdom Restoration. Not only that, it has to be placed where it counts to effectively head off mold.

Choosing the right type of insulation can also help. Most home insulation comes in cellulose, which can be installed loose or “blown-in”. Cellulose insulation is typically made of repurposed newspapers, making it an eco-friendly choice. It offers excellent insulating ability that makes this option especially handy in attics and wall cavities.

Another great option for home insulation is fiberglass which, as its name implies, consists of glass fibers. It’s naturally mold-resistant because the material itself doesn’t serve as a food source for mold. Like cellulose, it offers superior insulating value. Having trouble choosing between the two? Just turn to Kingdom Restoration. We’ll be more than happy to help you explore both options and decide on the one that best suits your needs.

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