Mold can be one tough problem to get rid of. It also starts and spreads easily since it thrives in spaces without lighting and high humidity, and these are your inner walls. Water leaks, faulty pipes and condensation are their main catalysts. When mold is behind your walls, it can be difficult to spot, which is why you’ll need the help of a residential remodeling company to take care of it. In this post, Kingdom Restoration shares how you can get rid of mold growth in your walls.

Treat Mold Growth

Dealing With Mold Growth Within Walls

Mold growth can be solved easily if it hasn’t spread too far, but it’s still a better choice to leave it to the professionals since you can’t be too certain about your home’s condition. As such, contact your mold remediation company for a preliminary inspection to assess how far the mold has spread throughout your household.

Your home remediation and remodeling contractor will start by wearing protective gear, such as goggles, gloves, coveralls, boots and filter masks to protect them from mold spores. This is required in case black mold forms, since they thrive in places that you don’t frequent. These include your wallpaper, between walls and in your carpets. In any case, do not try to remove it yourself since you will put you and your family’s health at risk by doing so.

Mold Removal Process

We use industrial-grade equipment such as air movers, moisture meters, dehumidifiers and water extraction equipment to treat your damp areas and drywall. Here is a list of things we’ll do during the mold clean-up process:

  • Removing mold-infested and water-damaged materials.

  • We’ll disinfect affected areas such as carpets, walls and other surfaces.

  • We’ll remove your drywalls and studs if there is serious mold growth.

  • We’ll use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) devices to remove and filter out the spores.

  • We’ll rebuild the walls and replace the affected items accordingly.

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