Your front door greatly influences the curb appeal of your home. It can also leave a lasting impression on visitors and other onlookers—and that is why it is essential to keep its pristine condition all year round. But how can you tell if it is time to replace your entry door with a new one? A trusted door and window installation company reveal four signs to look out for.

entry door replacement


  1. Drafts around the door. As the exterior door itself ages, the seals around it sustain wear and tear. When they do, they can shrink and crack, allowing untreated air from outside to enter your living space. This leads to an uncomfortable living environment and higher energy costs.

  2. Visible cracks in the door itself. When a door has cracks or broken panels, it is often an indication that the door is structurally weak and needs to be replaced soon. According to a home innovations expert, when left unaddressed for a long time, a compromised door can pose a safety hazard to the residents. Bugs and other pests can crawl inside and intruders may take advantage of the frail barrier.

  3. Scrapes on the floor. An old door that has warped and sagged over time is difficult to open and shut properly. It can also cause costly damage to your flooring as the bottom of the door repeatedly scrapes and scratches the surface underneath.

  4. There is excess moisture in the glass. If your front door has windows attached to it and within those windows is excessive moisture buildup, then a replacement may be due. Moisture usually leads to mold growth and rot.

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