Fires are among the most devastating things homeowners can face. When the flames are out, it does not mean that your home is no longer at risk of further damage. Soot and smoke damage can continue to cause problems after a fire.

smoke from oven

Find out what kinds of problems smoke can do to your home from a local home innovations expert.

Smoke Can Cause Corrosion in the Metal Components of Your Home

Depending on what caused the fire, the smoke that it creates may contain various acids. These acids are typically related to sulfur and carbon. Smoke can affect metal parts of your home and cause tarnishing and corrosion. Pipes, doorknobs and other kitchen fixtures are more prone to these issues. When pipes erode, they can leak, which adds water damage to the list of problems you have to deal with.

Smoke Can Cause Permanent Discoloration Porous Materials

Porous materials in your home, such as plastics, hardwood floors, and marble countertops, are at risk of permanent discoloration due to smoke. This kind of damage can happen within minutes. Sometimes, mopping is enough to remove the stains on affected floors. However, most times, the flooring requires refinishing or a total replacement. At Kingdom Restoration, we are here to help with your fire damage restoration needs. You can count on our team to repair existing damage and perform the necessary measures to prevent further issues. We also offer window installation, remodeling and deck construction services.

Smoke Can Damage Your Wood Furnishings and Carpets

Wood furnishings are also prone to smoke damage after a fire. The dye from your furniture can stain your carpet, so does rust from metal furniture. Protective barriers, such as foam blocks help keep these surfaces away from each other until they are dry.

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