A deck installation remains a must-do project for many homeowners because of the many benefits it can provide. For one thing, this gives your home additional square footage for both entertaining and relaxation. But like most home renovation projects, a deck installation requires careful planning. Which area should you build the new deck, for example? Kingdom Restoration, the premier residential remodeling company in the area, shares the essentials.

deck on backyard

  1. Take function into account. What do you need a new deck for? If you’re planning to use it as an additional dining area–perfect for when you’re having friends and family over–you should consider having it built right off the kitchen. Will you be using the space primarily for reading or relaxing? Then the perfect spot for it is right next to the living room or a home office because it ensures minimal distractions.

  2. Choose a spot away from direct sunlight. You’ll want to enjoy your new deck to the fullest–and at all times. For this reason, you should choose a location that gives ample shade, allowing you to spend time on your deck at even the hottest part of the day. Take a look at your landscaping and pick a spot near trees or shrubbery. Aside from giving the space shade, this can also block the wind, another factor that makes your time at the deck uncomfortable. If your property doesn’t have a good spot away from direct sun and wind, a trusted local remodeling contractor like Kingdom Restoration might have an excellent solution for you. We can customize your deck to your specific needs with our top-tier options.

  3. Always consider privacy. The backyard is a great location for the deck because it gives the most privacy. This spot is also especially handy for when you’re thinking about adding a hot tub or swimming pool on your deck. Privacy isn’t usually an issue in deck placement if you don’t live too close to the neighbors. But in case you do, consider putting up a privacy screen or panel, or growing shrubs, trees or climbing vines to shade your deck from view.

When it comes to high-quality residential construction services, look no further than Kingdom Restoration. We’ll help you spruce up your home and enjoy outdoor living to the fullest with our stylish, tough, custom-designed deck. We proudly serve Venice, FL, and all of South Florida. Call us today at (941) 483-3800 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.