Our kitchens are an integral part of our home. After all, it’s a place where we can gather with our family and friends to share delicious meals and catch up after a long day outside. It’s also a testbed for aspiring foodies and home cooks who want to come up with scrumptious food to serve to their friends and family. In fact, residential remodeling experts would say that homeowners should heavily invest in their kitchen since it’s one of the major parts of any household.

There are lots of kitchen designs. From galleys and single-walled to kitchen islands and U-shaped kitchens. There are numerous types that are unique to each other and serve a different purpose, depending on how the homeowner plans on using their kitchen. However, we’ll take a closer look on one of the kitchen styles that is gaining popularity across the country due to its trendsetting layout, versatility and overall functionality. In this post, your exterior and kitchen remodeling expert, Kingdom Restoration, shares design tips and ideas for L-shaped kitchens.

What Is an L-Shaped Kitchen?

An L-shaped kitchen is a layout that utilizes two walls that are situated at a 90-degree angle. It’s a highly versatile space that can be easily used in any home to create a multi-purpose space for your entire family. In fact, a seasoned remodeling contractor would say that it’s highly functional, ergonomic, easy to maintain, and most importantly, practical to use. It’s no surprise that this kitchen layout is gaining popularity across the country since it’s functional and can be integrated into any home, regardless of size, shape, or whether closed or open plan living is preferred.

How Can It Be Properly Executed?

The L-shaped kitchen is actually the standard design for home kitchens. Even if the layout was already designed decades ago, the way it works makes it a versatile and popular choice even for modern kitchens. The reason why the L-shaped kitchen layout is highly functional is because it creates an effective work “triangle” where the homeowner can do preparations, cooking and cleaning. It’s commonly used in smaller homes with limited space that cannot use the island or G-shape layout.

Some would think that just because it’s a basic layout that it would be a dated style, but this isn’t actually the case. In fact, it’s one of the easiest layouts to utilize because you don’t need to have additions or modifications to your home’s layout. To properly execute an L-shaped kitchen layout, your residential construction specialist should build your kitchen at a corner where the walls form a 90 degree angle where one wall is twice as long as the other.

Basic Layout Tips

Your typical L-shaped kitchen is made of two adjacent countertop rows that form a right triangle with one wall longer than the other. In most cases, the layout utilizes two walls at a perpendicular angle with countertops set against the wall. It can also be used with a countertop on one wall and the other one extending outward and not connected to a wall.

Double L-Shaped Kitchen

A double L-shaped kitchen is ideally used for homes with larger square footage as this gives more room for your remodeling contractor to work with. This kitchen layout grants you added counter space and cabinet storage by adding another L-shaped island near the main counter and cabinetry. This design is a variation of the basic L-shaped layout and creates a rectangle shape with generous space for foot traffic and is an ideal choice for open kitchens.

L-Shaped Kitchen With Island 

If you have adequate space and are looking to maximize every inch of your kitchen, then this layout for you as it adds an island in the center. This is also a great option for homeowners who are aiming for a contemporary or classic vibe. Aside from its aesthetic benefits, it provides additional functionality by maximizing the available space in your kitchen. However, if you’re short on space, we recommend using your island as a dining table as well so you don’t have to use more seating space for eating.

Small L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Some homeowners might think that pulling off an L-shaped kitchen with a small space is difficult or impossible, but that’s not the case when you’re working with a capable residential remodeling contractor like Kingdom Restoration. Keep in mind that an L-shaped kitchen is designed to open up the available floor space while allowing foot traffic in it. If utilized properly, an L-shaped kitchen can do wonders for small spaces.

Because of the perpendicular layout, installing kitchen cupboards means that you can utilize corner spaces that were often unused. For instance, corner shelves that are usually ignored can now be used to store kitchen appliances or equipment. Another option is to create a space that combines tall wall units, cabinets and drawers so as not to consume too much space in your kitchen. Make sure that you consider these factors during the planning process so you can convey your goals clearly with your kitchen remodeler.

Helpful Information

One of the most frequent questions we are asked when it comes to L-shaped kitchens is the ideal location for appliances. Usually, we recommend placing them in the longer side of the wall and that the sink and dishwasher be placed on the shorter wall as these are the appliances that will be highly used. When it comes to space, this layout generally accommodates around two cooks at the same time. If you have an island, you can even gather your family and friends around while they wait in awe for your delicious meals.

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